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Don’t Let Storm Chasers Chase You Down

May 30th, 2023 by

Remember when the term “Storm Chasers” only meant the heroes of “Twister” who followed tornados to study their incredible power? 

Today’s storm chasers are aiming to scam people that were impacted by a devastating storm. From high winds, lightning, hail, and even tornadoes, our Minnesota communities get their fair share of property-damaging weather, and these fly-by-night salespeople are trying to make a quick buck. 

The best way to protect yourself isn’t by trusting the people who suddenly appear at your door after a storm, trying to help. The best way to protect yourself is by working with local vendors. 

What Is a Storm Chaser?

Storm chasers are people who travel from storm-impacted town to storm-impacted town, seeking to find properties hit hard by severe weather. They know that they will find people in a vulnerable state, so they knock on doors to take advantage of the high-stress situation. 

Imagine a tree branch coming down and destroying your roof. You are shaken, thankful that there were no human injuries, but your home now has a massive hole in it. Where will you live? Who will fix this? How will you pay for it? Your mind is racing, and you aren’t even sure where to begin.

Storm chasers seek out these terrified residents and try to get them to sign an insurance claim on thte spot. Sounds helpful, right? Unfortunately, these scammers are far from it.

The Dangers of Storm Chasers

Beyond their less-than-ethical business practices, there are plenty of reasons not to trust such transient salespersons. Obtaining coverage in this way puts you at risk. Some concerns include:

  1. How will you reach this person after a claim is filed?
  2. Does this person know about your home or product warranties? Will they tell you if they do?
  3. How will you track down this person to ask questions?
  4. Why do they use such high-pressure sales tactics during such a scary time?

These are not salespersons you can trust. Instead, working with an insurance company that’s local and already embedded in the community provides many benefits.

Benefits of Rehm Insurance

Let’s start with the obvious: You know where to find me! I am always in the same place. I have a brick-and-mortar office, and you can stop by and see me in person. We even have online tools to schedule appointments at times that fit your schedule. I can also come to you, if your small business keeps you too busy to get out of your office. 

Beyond my permanent location, I live alongside you. I know how you feel. I experience the same storms and weather that you do. My house is in the same severe weather paths as yours. 

And frankly, I truly care about my community. I love helping small businesses and local families; it’s my passion. I am not out to “make” you buy anything. Instead, I want to protect you, your family, and your assets. I treat each client as I would my own family members, offering you only what you need.

Skip the fly-by-night sales tactics trying to take advantage of scared homeowners. Plan ahead. Get quotes. Do your homework. For more tips on how to plan ahead for severe weather, check out the Better Business Bureau’s website.

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