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Insurance for Digital Nomads: What You Need to Know Before You Travel

April 24th, 2024 by

Becoming a traveling worker might be the job of your dreams. But, before you hit the road to tour the country while working from your laptop, it is important to consider insurance needs for your trek.

What Is a Digital Nomad?

You’ve probably seen them on social media. As you scroll through videos, there are all types of people, of all ages and backgrounds, traveling the country or even the world while they work from their computers. One term used to describe these people is “digital nomads,” meaning one who would work from “home” – but home can be nearly anywhere. 

There are plenty of attractions to this lifestyle, since you may have fewer financial obligations (think no property taxes) and are seeing new sights all the time. But, even working remotely means you need to weigh your insurance options.

What Insurance Does a Digital Nomad Need?

Whether you are a family, homeschooling from the RV, or a single working professional saving your pennies as you freelance, there are still coverage plans you will want to consider. Even with fewer assets and no “home,” there are investments worth protecting, including you! 

Business Personal Property Insurance

The most important piece of advice is to check into “business personal property” vs. “personal property” insurance for your belongings. Many homeowner’s policies will not cover damage to electronics that are ruined outside the home, so make sure you expand your coverage. As a remote worker, your laptop is your means to your income, so make sure your insurance includes an “inland marine policy.” 

This type of insurance also extends to office workers who frequently work from the road, such as contractors and salespeople. 

Auto Insurance

Depending on your method of travel, you should ensure that your transportation is protected. If you live in your car, tiny house on wheels, or even a recreational vehicle (RV), you may not qualify for traditional “homeowners” policies, but you do want to protect what you’re driving (and yourself) with an auto insurance policy.

Travel Insurance

You can also invest in travel insurance policies. These packages often are purchased by the trip, but you can also find some that will cover your needs for longer periods of time.

Typically, travel insurance will help you in the event of travel plans changing. From illness to changes in plans, emergencies happen – even for digital nomads. This means you want to be covered for your expenditures, such as pricey flights or hotel stays. 

International travelers especially may want to insure their travel. Not only can your own life’s unexpected changes alter your plans, but traveling to other countries can mean facing things like civil unrest, war, pandemics, and other travel warnings that may postpone or cancel your nomadic trek!

Renters’ Insurance

While you might lack a traditional home, your belongings are still important to you. Living in a traveling unit (camper, trailer, RV, car, etc.) might reduce you to the bare necessities, but that means that your minimal assets mean all the more to you, having a value beyond their price tags.

Depending on your method of travel, or the unit that you utilize for living, you may qualify for renters’ insurance policies. 

Life Insurance

Whether you are traveling solo as a young professional, or even a retired couple working part-time as they travel, nearly everyone on the planet needs life insurance of some sort. I can’t think of a person I wouldn’t recommend a policy to, from the very tiniest of newborns to the oldest seniors on earth, there is always a need to be sure your life is covered.

I know plenty of young travelers who think that life insurance isn’t necessary. They are on their own and a loss of life is the furthest thing from their mind. But no matter when or how you pass from this life, there is a cost involved in carrying out your final wishes. From funerals and celebrations of life to burial or cremation, there are price tags involved with life’s final selections. A life insurance policy can help you cover any outstanding responsibilities, and ensure that your family isn’t left with debt due to your lack of preparation. 

Do I Need an Address For Insurance?

As you might imagine, the nomadic lifestyle can have some consequences. For one, how do you get snail mail? Thanks to today’s technology, so much of our world is handled digitally. Everything from your bills and statements to your beneficiaries and policy details can often be done online, from an app or a website.

Alternatively, some digital nomads opt to have a post office box at a central location they frequent back to from time to time. While you might not have much of a need for snail mail, this can give you a physical address to receive mail. 

How Can I Find Unique Insurers for Digital Nomads?

As always, no matter where you are from or where you are headed, I am happy to lend a helping hand in searching for those perfect policies for you. As an independent insurance sales business, I have the flexibility to search far and wide for unique policies that fit your individual needs.

When it comes to the digital nomad, your needs may look a bit different than the traditional brick-and-mortar homeowner. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t policies that make sense for you!

For more information on the best policies for digital nomads, feel free to reach out via our website: You can even make an appointment online for a consultation to review your unique needs!

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