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You’ve never heard of inland marine insurance? You’re certainly not alone. 

Despite its name, inland marine insurance has nothing to do with protecting your boat. While the main job of this type of insurance is to protect commercial goods being shipped over land, it also covers personal property being shipped and expensive valuables that are stored at your home or business like your wedding ring and jewelry. In many cases, inland marine insurance can step in to fill gaps left by your homeowners, condo or renters insurance.  

Inland marine insurance was originally designed to cover goods as they were moved along inland waterways to their final destination. Today, the definition also expands the protection of a homeowners policy, especially on high-dollar property. Most homeowners policy put a coverage cap on certain items like jewelry, art work, furs, coins and other high-value property. These have value and high portability, putting them at big risk for theft. While the cap varies by insurance policy, it’s often as low as $2,500. 

What items can be protected with an inland marine policy?

Furs – A mink fur coat can range from $1,000 to $10,000. Inland marine insurance can help protect that coat and make sure you’re kept warm this winter. 

Jewelry – Whether it cost $5,000 or $25,000, your jewelry is a beloved possession. The most common jewelry insured with an inland marine policy are wedding rings. Coverage can be integrated into your policy to help cover costs if your jewelry is stolen or damaged. 

Silverware – Did you receive expensive silverware as a wedding gift? Inland marine can save the day. 

Cameras – Take your camera on all kinds of adventures when you have inland marine insurance and take comfort in the fact that you’ll have help covering costs if it’s damaged or stolen. 

Golf equipment – When you have inland marine insurance for your golf clubs, you can work on your game without worrying about lost or damaged equipment. 

Stamp and coin collections – You’ve been working on building your collection for year, makes sure you have inland marine coverage to cover costs of any damage that may occur to it. 

Fine art –  If you are buying or selling expensive pieces, inland marine coverage will make sure your items are protected during transit.

Musical instruments – An instrument is a costly investment – protect it along with any accessories used with your instrument with inland marine insurance.e

Inland marine insurance often comes with a low deductible or none at all, so you can replace your valuables with little or no additional cost.

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There are many advantages to an inland marine policy, regardless of whether you own a business or have valuable personal property. Consult with Rehm Insurance & Financial Services to ensure you are getting the highest levels of coverage for your particular situation.