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5 Cute Pranks to Prepare for a Fun Family April Fool’s Day

March 8th, 2022 by

The first day of April is known to many as April Fool’s Day – and it’s just around the corner! Dating back to the 1500s (according to, April Fools’ Day is known to have begun as the French opted to change to a Gregorian calendar.

At that time, people still using a Julian or Hindi calendar (in which the year began on April 1 with the spring equinox) were labeled as “fools.” But news traveled a bit slower back then, so that seems kind of harsh! Anyway… 

As the years went on, even mass media caught onto the name and began a trend of jokes and hoaxes for fun, on this date. From claims of spaghetti crops to Taco Bell announcing that they purchased the Liberty Bell, there have been countless pranks pulled over time.

So if you want a fun way to bring some cute pranks into your family this April 1, consider some of these fun ideas!

  • The Good Ol’ Food Swap

Whether you opt for white toothpaste between the Oreo cookies, or filling a Dunkin’ Donuts box with healthy veggies, there are plenty of pranks for April 1 that involve exchanging foods to prank your friends and family. Consider putting hard-boiled eggs inside the carton or decorating a sponge like a piece of cake!

  • Surprise! A Party Popper

Those small, plastic party favors can make for a surprise pop that isn’t too scary even for the youngest in the family. Consider tying one end to a door knob or cupboard and shocking its opener. If you’re the kids’ “alarm” for school, maybe some fun confetti bombs or poppers could be a unique wake-up call.

  • A Bit of Potty Humor

You can hide messages rolled up in the toilet paper to surprise your family members. Others opt to place a funny photo (like an attacking Great White Shark or an outer space look) just under a closed toilet seat. When someone opens it for use, they’re in for a surprise!

  • Phone and Computer Pranks

If you want to help the kiddos prank your significant other, consider changing screen savers, home screens, or passcodes to mess with their tech on April Fool’s Day. These harmless changes will throw someone, but not cause any major harm.

If you really want to get wild with your teenagers, change the WiFi password for the day, and wait for the cries of distress as they can’t get online!

  • Remove the Power

Take batteries out of the TV remote control, unscrew lightbulbs, or turn the water off at the sink. Minor loss of use of even a handful of household objects can be funny and harmless pranks.

Whatever you decide, make sure you are considering a safe and fun prank. No one wants to hurt their friends or family, so be sure pranks are not dangerous or harmful in any way.

Have fun with the day. Everyone needs to laugh more, and it is a great time to work in this goofy humor with your family! We wish everyone a fun holiday. Enjoy April Fool’s Day… and, no, I’m not joking!

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