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Understanding Insurance for New Parents

October 10th, 2023 by

Let’s check in on all our new parents, shall we? How are you feeling? Chances are you have not slept a full eight hours in months. You have become accustomed to changing your clothes many times a day due to spit-up stains. Your home is now filled with diapers, bottles, and toys. How did someone so small turn the world upside down?!

While you juggle these new schedules, routines, and larger laundry loads, don’t forget to take some time to review your new family’s insurance needs, too!

What Insurance Do New Parents Need?

Sure, many types of insurance can serve a wide variety of lifestyles, but if you are a new parent, here are a few to consider, which may be new to your changing world.

1. Homeowners’ or Rental Insurance

A new addition to the family may have led to a new living space, too. If you have upgraded your housing, you’ll need to be sure it is properly insured. Even if you rent, your new family addition marks a great time to reevaluate your belongings. Those high-tech baby monitors, bottle warmers, and an endless supply of baby products likely have upped the value of your possessions. Be sure you are properly covered for any changes with sensible homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies.

2. Life Insurance

I’m sure you have noticed by now, but you aren’t on your own anymore. Suddenly, you are responsible for a new, tiny life, not to mention your own and your partner’s. If you weren’t here tomorrow, there are plenty that would miss you, but that also means plenty that may be left in a financial lurch if you were gone.

New parents should obtain or update life insurance policies to be sure the listed beneficiaries have included any new additions. You may also need to up amounts, as a larger family will spend more than a couple or single individual.

Additionally, you should have a policy added for your new child. It is terrible to imagine, I know, but such tragedies happen. Be sure your baby has his or her own policy covering his or her life, too.

3. Car Insurance

That new car seat isn’t the only vehicle change you may need to make with a new baby. You first may want to consider a lower deductible (your cash on hand may be a bit tight as your family adjusts) or increasing your coverage

Secondly, just like a larger home may be in order, a bigger set of wheels may be required with your new addition. If you’re considering a larger vehicle, your insurance policy needs may also change. Be sure all details are updated, and you have the policy you need for all vehicles.

4. Health Insurance

You likely have yourself, and hopefully your partner taken care of, as far as health insurance is concerned. But have you added your new baby to the plan? Whether you work through your employer-offered plan or need to find a new policy on your own, it is time to update those details to be sure each member of your family, no matter their age, is properly covered.

5. Disability Insurance

Just like your other types of policies, a new member of the family means you are responsible for an additional life. Should, for any reason, you not be able to provide financially for your loved ones, it is wise to have a plan in place. A variety of injuries can cause you to be unable to work. It may be a short period of recovery, or life-altering disabilities that affect you for the long haul, but having coverage should you be unable to work is a smart choice now that you have another life to take care of in your house!

Don’t Do It Alone

Your life is in the middle of some major changes. Insurance might be the last thing on your mind, but thankfully it is the first thing on mine! You have enough to juggle as a new mom or dad. The easiest way to be sure you have all of the coverage you need is to work with a professional.

You can easily reach out at any time to schedule an appointment. Let me help you take care of your bouncing, bundle of joy. And, I promise, someday you will sleep through the night again.

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