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Fun Activities for a Snowy Day in Minnesota

December 20th, 2023 by

No matter the weather, yes even on the cold and snowy days, there is something awesome to do in Southern Minnesota. 

Over the holiday break, chances are high that you will have opportunities to connect with friends and family. Why not create some amazing memories and enjoy everything our state has to offer? 

Enjoy the Great Minnesota Outdoors

There are so many fun activities to do in our great state, and chilly winters are no different. Living in the “Land of 10,000” lakes, it is not hard to imagine that even in the winter, our communities have much to offer in terms of fun times!

There are endless chances this winter to take in some great outdoor activities, including: 

  • Skiing
  • Ice fishing
  • Sledding or tubing
  • Ice skating
  • Snowshoeing 
  • Snowmobiling 
  • Hockey

Did you know you can even go ice climbing in our area? Winona’s Ice Park is new for 2023, and boasts over 100 climbing routes (making it the second biggest ice park in the country!).

If that isn’t wild enough, there are 7.5 miles of trails to go Fat Tire Biking in the Richard J. Dorer State Park. The park offers trails specific to the fat-tire bike sport, which means you won’t have to deal with snowmobile or ski trails and their ruts (and they won’t have to face yours either).

Stay Toasty Warm Indoors

Even with the temptation of hot cocoa after the fun, some days you just want to find some entertainment indoors. No problem, since there is still plenty to do in Southern Minnesota without leaving home.

If you have some time over break and are looking for some fun, you could consider these crowd pleasers: 

  • Build a fort of blankets and pillows with your kids
  • Plan a movie day and let each family member pick a title
  • Create a “make-your-own-dessert” bar with fun toppings and treats
  • Bring the kids into the kitchen to learn a family recipe 
  • Schedule a board game night


If heading outside, at least to quickly run to the car and back, seems acceptable, there are also a lot of fun indoor activities in our Southern Minnesota communities. Any winter breaker can enjoy outings such as:

  • Hit the movie theater
  • Dine out at a new place you’ve never tried
  • Roller skating
  • Bowling
  • Museum / Art gallery
  • Sporting event

If you are looking for an outing that’s a bit more unique, why not let the kids get some energy out at Austin’s Indoor Stay and Play playground? This space provides a climbing tree, tree house, swinging bridge, an underground tunnel, and slides; and it’s all indoors! Need we say more?

A trip up to Bloomington can get you some family fun time at an indoor waterpark, Great Wolf Lodge! Or why not check out Old School Arcade in Rochester, which offers ax-throwing, pinball machines, and arcade games? 

No matter what you choose to do on a cold winter day, I hope you enjoy it!

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