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My Adventures with Fly Fishing

May 21st, 2024 by

Life flies by so quickly, especially when you’re raising a family. It’s important to find outlets for enjoying time on your own and with people you care about. I believe there are always new opportunities for adding fun to our lives. 

Take my latest personal adventure, for example: Fly fishing!

A Pal, A Pole, and Paradise

A friend recently asked me to join him on a fishing trip. Did you know that Minnesota boasts plenty of spots that are ideal for fly fishing? 

I learned that there are more than 700 miles of natural cold streams in Southern Minnesota. They are filled with brown, brook, and rainbow trout. While I learned the difference between a false cast and a cast, what a fly rod is, and where a tippet belongs in this process, I also got to take in the wonders of nature. The cool, rippling waters were brisk. The sounds of still-bare trees clapped their branches in the wind. The fresh air filled my lungs. It was a lot to take in and appreciate.

Much to my own disbelief, this adventure even garnered us a few catches! It was an exciting and invigorating experience. Needless to say, I enjoyed my day out.

Grab a Guide

There are plenty of options to enjoy the nature that surrounds us in Southern Minnesota. But, a hobby like fly fishing takes some instruction. If you are heading out for your first adventure, I’d suggest taking along a guide.

I went with Mike Toft of White Water Guiding. He promises: “Catching more trout and learning the tools and techniques that will translate into you becoming a better angler!” I highly recommend Mike as your guide! 

One Orvis-Endorsed Guide comes in the form of an organization called Minnesota Fly Fishing. Offering half- and full-day, guided trips, these guides are CPR- and first aid-certified. Based in Preston, MN, this organization has been teaching newbies the ropes for over 10 years.

The Drift offers similar adventures, focusing on areas between 60- and 90 minutes from the Twin Cities. “Fish the Driftless” guided trips can also be full- or half-days that offer an exploration of the Northwestern portions of the Wisconsin Driftless Region. These folks even bring along all of the equipment you’ll need to try your hand at re-enacting “A River Runs Through It.”

A License to Love It

Most states, including both Minnesota and Wisconsin, require fishers to have a license. You can find out more about this license by visiting this site. Those under the age of 16 or over the age of 90 won’t be required to have one. But minors trying their hand at fishing must have a licensed adult with them at all times. Fishing residents must also carry their licenses with them. 

I can’t say I’m the world’s best fly fishing pro, as this was truly my first time trying it out, but I can say that I truly enjoyed myself. From taking in the surroundings to holding my first “trophy” catch (no, I can’t say I’ll be mounting it to the wall anytime soon), I had a wonderful time. I hope you can take some time, soon, to do the same.

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